Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

Ali riaz malik One of the leading entrepreneurs in Pakistan that everyone gets admired is Ali Riaz Malik. Ali Riaz Malik is CEO of Bahria Town and attained this position after taking on lots of responsibilities. Malik Riaz Hussain founded the Bahria Town and led the gigantic real estate development firm into success. Like his father, Ali Riaz Malik was also a passionate and experienced real estate developer in Pakistan. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was born in Rawalpindi and quite interested in the world of real estate business even in the early years. Ali Riaz Malik is quite an inspiration for most of the people across the world. Hard work and talents of Ali Riaz Malik was quite admiring and led to the success of the company in the stable aspects. He was also one of the top richest people in the country as his father.

Ali Riaz Malik

Ali Riaz Malik

Ali riaz malik Ali Riaz Malik has dreamed of developing the skyscrapers in Pakistan even at his young age. Bahria Town is a dream project of Ali Riaz Malik and attained the top position in the country for the innovation and quality of work. He completed his studies at Beacon House School in 1999. After completing his education, Ali Riaz Malik joined his family business and makes a turnaround in the world of real estate in Pakistan. By giving new innovative ideas, the Bahria Town project town mainly increased new height. In the current scenario, Bahria Town is considered as a leading real estate across the continent. Ali Riaz Malik becomes quite famous for his work and passion in the field.

To develop his professional career, Ali Riaz Malik has worked very hard with enthusiasm that led him to stand in a unique position. He started the career as the professional procurement manager in Bahria Town. Ali Riaz Malik joined the sales and marketing department and has set a great peak in the modern-day for achieving great height. Ali Riaz Malik becomes project manager in 2005 with started to engage in handling many numbers of projects.

With attaining great achievements, Ali Riaz Malik married Mubashra Ali Malik in 2003. The father of Mubashra Ali Malik is well known for the sugar refinery factory in Pakistan. After marriage, Mubashra Ali Malik started to handle the philanthropic work of the company. For providing meals for millions of people in the country, Mubashra Ali Malik also ran Dastarkhwans.

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Out of his skills and dedication in the work, Ali Riaz Malik became CEO in Bahria Town. After taking a strong position in the market, he especially started to improve more and taking the company to a new height that no one can reach. Ali Riaz Malik made Bahria Town a profit of $1 Billion and it becomes the greatest success for him in Pakistan. He has achieved great things in the business line and made his father proud. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is also considered as the 7th richest person in Pakistan. Ali Riaz Malik has a very good personality with a great business. He has superior knowledge in the modern real estate industry. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is one of the leading people behind the project.